Friday, September 9, 2022

Brief Blog: Concert Genetics Publishes Genomic Price Transparency Report

Often, it's hard to get price transparency data on genetic tests.   One source, dating back to 2016, was the first PAMA survey.  PAMA published a huge data file of paid prices for every lab CPT code, including genetics, so you could calculate your own median, average, SD, and so on.   But that data is approaching 7 years old.

Concert Genetics has just released a white paper with data on the price structure of 20 categories of genetic testing, from oncology to prenatal to pharmacogenetics.  It's free with email registration.

For example, for BRCA testing, the 2017 mean was $2525, with interquartile ranges $1500-3192.   By 2021, the median was $1825, with interquartile ranges from $1115-$2525.