Friday, September 16, 2022

UCSF Article Debates Value of Coverage with Evidence Development

We've seen a flurry of activity about CMS "Coverage with Evidence Development" (see below.)  Here's another entry:  A detailed article at JAMA Health Forum on the history and contributions of CMS CED, by Prof. Kathryn Phillips of UCSF.

Find it here:

Further background - 

Dartmouth paper earlier this year on CED here.

CMS holds workshops in spring 2022 about a possible future program or group of policies to be called "TCET" Transitional Coverage for Emerging Technology.   In talks given this summer, CMS's Dr. Steven Farmer focused on extensions or variations of CED as a big part of future "TCET."

A week ago, AHRQ released a 35 page review of CED, but focused only on the rather dry checkbox "rules" for CED, such as "Trial must be listed on"   Here.  This is like asking if roads meet predetermined rules (like asphalt thickness and width) and not asking whether or not the road goes somewhere useful.

Even more recently, CMS announced a December 7, 2022 "MEDCAC" or public advisory meeting, about CED.  Here.