Friday, September 16, 2022

New Video: Keeping Up with the Busy "TCET" Scorecard: Innovative Technologies

 I've put together a 5-minute video that shows the viewer the full spectrum of 2020, 2021, 2022 activities around innovations in Medicare coverage processes.   Right now, these are captured under the CMS term, "Transitional Coverage for Innovative Technologies," or TCET.   

Find the video on YouTube at the link:

It's a mini-course. Topics include:

  1. MCIT vs TCET.
  2. CMS Town Halls on TCET
  3. Stakeholders Weigh In (White papers, Webinars)
  4. 21st Century Cures and Breakthrough Coverage
  5. CMS Talks on TCET; Reading the Tea Leaves
  6. The Zeitler Paper on CED Data
  7. AHRQ Review of CED (for comment)
  8. December 2022 MEDCAC on CED
  9. UCSF Phillips Paper on CED (JAMA)
I close with some thoughts on economics and CED, and why CED decisions are so complex for all parties involved.

A few of the more important items cited:

Advamed 8pp on TCET
Advamed home page on TCET (with links to CMS resources like transcripts)
Zeitler AJMC CED paper (28:392-389)
Phillips on CED in JAMA (Sept 16)