Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Trapelo White Paper on Payors and Precision Oncology - "A Battle Royale?"

Trapelo has an excellent series of white papers on precision oncology - home page here.

The newest one states,

  • The Cost and Complexities of Treating Cancer are Astronomical—and on the Rise
  • Now, some US oncologists are collaborating with genomic labs and payers through an evidence-based technology to reduce treatment costs and improve patient outcomes.
According to a post at Linked In, this 8 pp white paper ties to an upcoming presentation at Precision Medicine Leaders' Summit by Debra Patt and Russell Ingersoll.  Download white paper with email registration, here.  It describes the TRAPELO services package and how it smooths interactions between oncologists, (labs), and payers, including prior authorization delays.

In March 2021, NeoGenomics acquired the Trapelo platform for $65M - here.