Saturday, January 15, 2022

AMA Publishes January Applicants for New PLA Codes

 The AMA takes applications for new PLA codes quarterly and handles them within several weeks.  For the January 2022 quarter, the submitted PLA applications have been posted.   Interested parties can follow instructions on the linked PDF to review particular applications; apply to AMA by January 20, the comment request deadline.  If that is the request deadline, you have to turnaround a comment promptly as the PLA committee meets January 25.   Final voting occurs in conjunction with the February 3-5 general CPT meeting.

Find the agenda PDF listing the codes HERE.   The PLA home page is here.   Find the dates deadline here.

Quick Tally

I tally about 12 codes, a couple of which are minor revisions.  Two are microbiology - a metagenomic test from Hopkins and a sexually transmitted infection test from Bridge Diagnostics.   There is a cancer optical genome mapping test.  Among publicly held companies, Guardant applies for a Guardant360 code.  There is also a very complex cancer test "OncoMap Extra" which brings together the DNA exome, the RNA transcriptome,  and markers like TMB and MSI.   

Nerd Note 

At one time, AMA required exact gene numbers for multi-gene tests, but now they allow more flexible nomenclature like "83 genes or more."