Monday, December 28, 2015

Year End Review: Books of Note & Blog Info

Books of Note

I've posted an annual book review listing, a mix of healthcare policy and books about business disasters and innovation.  Here.  

On a more personal note, I posted an essay about lessons learned in 15 years since finishing an MBA (here) and an essay on the strategy of innovation management (here).


Discoveries in Health Policy hit 59,000 views in December 2015, running about 5000 hits per month. There were about 17,000 hits in year 1 and 42,000 in year 2.  There were 50 blog entries in year 1, and about 150 in year 2.

The vast majority of hits come from Google, but the hits for any given keyword are limited and unpredictable.  (Cologuard seems surprisingly frequent.)  The most popular blogs include the annual CLFS fee schedule releases.  DIHP continues to host the world's longest listing of articles about Theranos (here), which has garnered about 1400 hits in a year.   

Of 20 posts in December, there were 700 hits, with 7 posts having over 40 hits.  The most active post in November, on CMS quality metrics and PSA testing, had 80 hits (here), not counting postings of CMS November fee schedules, which quickly generate over 100 hits.  

My December 23 write-up of favorite and influential books of 2015 had about 60 hits in 48 hours, which I attribute to being kindly cross-listed on my wife's Facebook account.