Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Brief Blog: CareDx and Medicare; 4Q2023 10-K Cites "Medicare" 215 Times. CMS Updates Press Release.

I've had a number of questions about the February 22 WSJ Op Ed about Medicare and CareDx, and I've been putting together notes for an essay.


UPDATE - On February 29, see

updated press release from CMS 

and updated billing article A58019 from MolDx.


But meanwhile, on February 28, CareDx held its 4Q-2023 investor call, and issued its updated SEC 10-K form.

Hint:  The 10-K report uses the term "Medicare" 215 times.  ("Coverage" appears 166 times, MolDx appears 82 times, Palmetto 16).

I fed the 10K and the WSJ into GPT4 and asked, what did it make of it?  It popped back with this illustration:

AI Corner

Besides the photo illustration, I asked GPT4 to "read" the 10-k and WSJ and write up an AI summary of them.   Find it here.  

In an auto transcript of the 50 minute investor call, 8500 words, we tallied "coverage" 35 times, "Medicare" 22 times, and "LCD" 4 times.  ("Capitol Hill" once.)  

In discussing operating expenses, CareDx remarked for the winter quarter, "The sales and marketing spend increased $1.6 million, primarily related to our targeted policy efforts to restore Medicare coverage." (That's about $100K a week for 12 weeks).

Between the 10-k report and 50-minute discussion, terms I've cited like "Medicare" and "Coverage" occurred some 540 times.

For comparison, Natera's Feb 28 10k mentions Medicare 52 times and the transcript, mentions Medicare 6 times.  

Out of curiousity I generated these pie and bar charts inside GPT4 rather than in Excel or PPT.