Thursday, February 22, 2024

AMA Posts Lab Test Agenda for May 2024 CPT Meeting

Header:  Months ahead of each CPT meeting, AMA publishes for comment the lab test agenda.


Months ahead of each CPT meeting, and before other codes, AMA publishes for comment the lab test agenda.  Find it here:

If you want to comment:

Read the PDF.  You must request a code of interest by February 29, and submit your comment by March 4.

In brief, lab codes are:

  1. MAAA code / bacterial vaginosis.
  2. CPT code - Neurofilament light chain
  3. CPT code - Pneumocyst. Jirovecii PCR
  4. CPT code - Optical genome mapping OGM
  5. CPT code - Cell enrichment by beads (for FISH)
  6. 0500T > CPT Code - HPV genotyping
  7. CPT code - Strep Ab
  8. CPT code - cytokine panel
  9. CPT code - Revise carrier genetic testing (81412, 81433)
  10. CPT code - Revise cancer risk panels (81432, 81435, others)
Under #10, there are current cancer risk panels for HBOC (e.g. BRCA et al.) and Lynch (most often colorectal risk).  Those panels look to be revised, plus a new pan cancer panel 81X01.

The OGM code should help Bionano, which has had growing revenues but just laid off 30% of staff.

The meeting will be May 9-11, 2024, in Chicago, both in person and virtual.  It looks like regular (non lab) CPT codes open for comment on March 1, 2024.  "Summary of Panel Actions" from the prior meeting a few weeks ago in San Diego, should appear by early March, but here.

AMA CPT comment portal: