Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Conference Watch: Biotech in Individualized Medicine @ Scripps @ May 14,15 2024

Follow the Scripps announcements for "Future of Biotechnology in Individualized Medicine," on May 14-15, 2024 at Scripps.   Nonprofit to regular registrations run from about $195 to $595.

Find a conference home page here.

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Here's an AI digest of the 1.5 day agenda:

This year's Scripps Biotech conference focuses on the future of individualized medicine, the utilization of nation-scale biobanks for genetic association, genomically informed drug discovery, the broader role of genomics in biotechnology, and discussions on a mesa-wide genomics initiative. 

The meeting includes panel discussions on technology's role in translational research, mining data for disease biology and therapeutic targets, and regulatory and commercial landscapes to support future biotech and genomics endeavors. 

Speakers from Scripps Research, National Institutes of Health, and other leading institutions contribute to a rich dialogue on advancing health policy, biotech, and genomics.