Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Heads Up: AACR Project GENIE - Real World Evidence

 This week, I had the chance to hear for the first time about PROJECT GENIE at AACR (American Alliance for Cancer Research).  It's another major effort towards better and more complete real world cancer data.

Find it here:

Here's an abridged version of their one-pager:

Precision medicine, particularly in oncology, tailors treatments based on the detailed genetic makeup of both patients and their tumors. This approach relies on a comprehensive health care system that learns from each patient's experience. However, the challenge lies in gathering enough data from individual institutions to significantly impact clinical decisions. 

To address this, the AACR initiated Project GENIE, a global cancer registry that combines clinico-genomic data from 19 top cancer centers worldwide. 

Managed with the help of Sage Bionetworks and cBioPortal, Project GENIE links cancer genomic data with patient outcomes, fostering a collaborative effort to advance cancer research. This initiative not only speeds up drug development and refines clinical trials but also aims to improve outcomes for cancer patients worldwide through its commitment to openness and data accessibility.