Wednesday, February 14, 2024

LA Times on New Alzheimer Biomarkers: What Would Chat GPT Say?

On February 14, 2024, LA TIMES published a lengthy and mostly negative article about in-process new guidelines for Alzheimer biomarker testing.

This was a cover stody at LATimes on Sunday, February 18.   See a coincidental Op Ed on prodromal diagnostics, at JAMA NEUROL by Erickson here.


I asked Chat GPT for a review and "critique" ... to see what would happen.


Since the whole point of the experiment is to see what Chat GPT would make of this, pro and con, I've put the Chat-generated article over here.  

It's about Chat GPT.  It's done as an experiment in what AI could write, not claiming to be the "correct" assessment of the LAT article as it lays out pro's and con's.