Friday, October 13, 2023

AMA Releases October PLA Code Applications; Rapid Comment Period

On October 13, 2023, AMA released the PLA code applications for the October (4th Quarter) comment cycle.  If you want to review and comment, you must do so very quickly, the comment period is only open for a few days.   Requesters must state a "material interest" in the code (e.g. working in the same field).  

The codes shown below will be edited by the PLA subcommittee over the next month and then voted on by a teleconference of the CPT panel as a whole.

Find the agenda  of 33 codes here:

I list very brief summaries here, for details, see the full PDF.   The final codes will be announced January 1, these codes will be effective April 1 and priced by CMS in Summer 2024.

  1. Coronary risk MAAA
  2. BluePrint breast cancer classification (luminal, etc)
  3. IntelliSep infection classifier (viral, fungal)
  4. HPV test, DELETE
  5. Precision CHD, coronary risk
  6. KidneyIntelX.DKD, this is the FDA version (FDA suffix added)
  7. NFL Light Chain, "normal or abnormal"
  8. Aventa Fusion, large gene fusion panel
  9. GenetWorx UTI DELETE
  10. ElecSys Phospho Tau & Amyloid, positive or negative
  11. Venient MCED (female multi cancer test)
  12. aiSLE DX, Lupus flare
  13. OncoReveal lung & colon, 22 genes
  14. Venient Cx, 39 analytes, anemia
  15. UNITY Carrier Screen, 5 genes (eg CFTR)
  16. aiSLE Disease Activity, lupus
  17. Venient Cx Cardiovascular, multi analytes
  18. Venient Cx Pancreative, multi analytes
  19. Venient Thyroid, multi analytes
  20. Venient Parathyroid, multi analytes
  21. "", hepatic
  22. "", renal
  23. "", hydroelectolytic
  24. "", Prostate
  25. "", musculoskeletal
  26. "", Compr female
  27. "", Compr male
  28. "", breast
  29. "", colon
  30. "", liver
  31. "", ovarian
  32. "", prostate
  33. "", MCED (male)
Neuro Note

This fall, Gapfill was completed on the Quest amyloid plasma test, 0346U, $96.  Here, there are two new neuro tests (7 & 10) for 2024.

CPT Agenda February 2024 San Diego

The Category I lab tests for February 2024 CPT (San Diego) will be posted around November 9, 2023, for a short comment period.  Registration opens about the same time.

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