Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Friday October 27, 2023: Last Date for CLFS Pricing Comments

Friday, October 27, 2023, is the last date for comments on the proposed prices for new lab tests for CY2024.

High on the agenda for comments will likely be the major new genomic sequencing procedure codes, which stakeholders expected to be priced in the $3000 range.   CMS offered only lowball pricing in the $600 range, Crosswalk to 81445.

I noticed today that AMA CPT 2024 codebooks are available overnight on Amazon.

8X017  GSP, with MSI

8X018  GSP, with CNA and MSI

8X019  GSP, with CNA, MSI, TMB, rearrangements

8X020, GSP, blood, DNA/RNA, CNV, rearrangements

8X021, GSP, blood, DNA, CNV, MSI

8X022, GSP, blood, DNA RNA, MSI, TMB, rearrangements

All: CMS proposes crosswalk to 81445, 5-50 tumor genes, $597.