Thursday, May 4, 2023

Very Brief Blog: Save the Links: House Hearings on (1) CMS and on (2) Antibiotic Resistance

Briefly - 

At the end of April, 2023, the House held two healthcare-related hearings. 


The first was on CMS, and featured lengthy testimony and Q&A with CMS administrator Brooks-Lasure.

The April 26, 2023, hearing website (with links to YouTube video) is here.  The full title was, "Lowering Unaffordable Costs: Legislative Solutions to Increase Transparency and Competition in Health Care."  The full hearing ran 5 hours per the YouTube video.   The hearing page includes links to numerous pieces of early-draft or introduced legislation.

For this hearing I include a 90-page "auto transcript" in the cloud - here.  For example, while Brooks-Lasure testimony didn't mention "Alzheimer," that word occurs 41 times in the auto transcript (in connection with Medicare coverage for new Alzheimer drugs.)


The second hearing is, “Antimicrobial Resistance: Examining an Emerging Public Health Threat” and was held on April 28, 2023.   Find the Hill web page here.  The YouTube archive video is 2 hours long.  

Testimony included Kevin Outterson, executive director of CARB-X, and Amanda Jezek, SVP for public policy at Infectious Disease Society of America / IDSA.

See an auto transcript of the AMR session, in the cloud here.