Friday, May 26, 2023

Annual Meeting: Pathology Innovation Collaborative Community: Washington DC June 27-28, 2023

"Collaborative Community" is a term of art used by FDA to designation public private partnerships (and often academic-industry) to help forge and communicate healthcare innovation.  FDA devotes a website to this topic - here.

A great example is PICC - the Pathology Innovation Collaborative Community, PICC.   It will hold the annual in person meeting June 27-28, 2023, in Washington DC.  Find them at Le Meridien, Arlington.  Fee circa $500.   PICC falls under the auspices of the broader MDIC, Medical Device Innovation Consortium.

Gotta love the subtitle: Unlocking the Potential of Digital Pathology and AI through Regulatory Science.

Find the meeting here:

The website includes a 3 minute video promo.

Here is some text from the description:

"Unlocking the Potential of Digital Pathology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) through Regulatory Science. “

Why you should attend: 

  • Network with domain experts with keen interest in moving regulatory science forward through in-person interactive working sessions 
  • The most comprehensive overview from a multistakeholder organization on digital pathology and AI 
  • Opportunities to share your unique point of view with the entire community  
  • Synergize to large scale project(s) to create practically relevant regulatory science tools and templates  

Topics Covered: 

During PIcc23, thought-leaders, regulators and pioneers in digital pathology will network and discuss: 

  • Advances in digital pathology and AI applications 
  • How these advances create new incentives to tackle the next big hurdle, to broadly implement digital pathology and AI/machine learning (ML) 
  • Impact of regulatory and legislative developments digital pathology and AI tools in diagnostics due to the end of covid pandemic public health emergency  
  • Perspectives from patient advocates about the potential of digital pathology