Friday, May 26, 2023

NASEM Meeting Video and Decks: "Integrated Diagnostics and Oncology"

 In April 2023, National Academies held a two-day workshop on the topic, Incorporating Integrated Diagnostics into Precision Oncology Care: A Workshop.

This workshops usually produce a 50 or 100 page book after about nine months.  For now, we have all the posted presentations and the speakers in video archive.  Find the meeting here:

For example, see Lennerz' deck on integrated diagnostics at MGH, here.  There was also an AMP webinar by this group a few months back.

A publication from MGH is listed as pending as Bredella  et al.   For other peer-reviewed perspectives, see Volkov, Bredella, et al., 2023, Developing adaptive capacity and preparedness in clinical and translational science (PMID 37008599).   See Carobene et al., 2022, Where is laboratory medicine headed in the next decade? Partnership model for efficient integration and adoption of artificial intelligence into medical laboratories (PMID 36327445). 

I recently highlighted a special issue of Clin Chem Lab Med on AI & Clin Lab, 10/2022, here.