Wednesday, May 10, 2023

In the Cloud: Part B Genomics Payments, 2021, in Excel

This is a cloud Excel dataset of providers who, in CY2021, were paid for genetic/genomic test codes by Medicare Part B.

For a 16,000 line, 1 MB Excel data sheet, of Part B genomics payments, see the cloud here:

For more about the data source, see my prior blog:



About the Excel Data:

This data set was derived from all 2021 part B data by these filters:

INCLUDE:  (Starts with 811 812 813 814 815, Starts with U00, Ends with M, Ends with U).

This includes Category I genetic codes, PLA and "M" (MAAA) codes.   

While 16,000 lines may sound like a lot, the original cloud data files for all Part B 2021 services has 10M lines.

Somewhat inconsistently, in this cloud data, I have included Covid "U" codes, but not all of the Molecular Microbiology codes.   (All of the the micro codes make it a 30 MB dataset which is much harder to handle.)

I deleted physician names from this Excel, although those names are all public in the original CMS source website (above).   I did leave in all names of type, "Clinical Laboratory."

This is a CMS data summary for all lab tests in 2021, which I did based on the simple 2021 excel spreadsheets released by CMS last October for 2021. Click to enlarge.  


Exercise for the Reader

In order to search molecular microbiology codes in the original 10M line 3 GB data, the filter instructions you'd use would be:

INCLUDE: (Starts with 874, 875, 876, 877, 878, 879 or U00)

and then EXCLUDE:  Codes lower than 87468 and codes from 87802-87899.

This generates a 30MB Excel with about 100,000 lines.