Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Very Brief Blog: Bill to Promote Pharmacogenetics Introduced

On February 28, 2022, legislators introduced the RIGHT DRUG RIGHT DOSE NOW Act, key sponsors Eric Swallwell (CA) and Tom Emmer (MN).

  • See press release at Emmers web site here.
    • See a PDF of the 17-page bill here.
  • See deep dive/subscription coverage at Genomeweb here.
  • See some pre-publicity, from December, at the PharmaGKB Blog website here.
  • For a website for advocates "Fourth Cause" here.
From "Fourth Cause," which also posts a bill summary,

How does the Right Act address the barriers?
  • Require an assessment and update of the National Action Plan for Adverse Drug Event Prevention;
  • Create educational campaigns on preventing adverse drug events, in part through the use of evidence-based PGx information.
  • Incentivize updates to electronic health record systems to ensure that healthcare providers are alerted to interactions between medications and genes when making prescribing decisions;
  • Enhance reporting systems that would assist with the reporting of PGx-associated adverse drug events; and
  • Authorize sustained funding for PGx implementation research and guideline development.

See an article in Genomeweb a few weeks ago that EHR's have been slow to support genomics (here'; carried in Modern Healthcare also here.)