Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Duke Margolis Center, Stanford Biodesign Co-Host Workshop on Medicare Coverage for Innovation

In 2020/2021, CMS proposed and finalized "Medicare Coverage for Innovative Technologies," MCIT, then canceled it.  Now in 2022, CMS is hosting "listening sessions" about programs for innovation under the title "Transitional Coverage for Innovative Technology," TCET.   

MCIT would have been based on FDA breakthrough device status.  "TCET" is just a title without specific rules or content yet.  

On March 28, 2022, Duke and Stanford will co-host a two-hour program, "The Need for Transitional Coverage for Emerging Technologies" from 9-11 pacific, 12-2 eastern.  This program brings together the Duke Margolis Health Policy Center and the Stanford Byers Center for Design.

Find the website here.   Find the agenda here.  Find the Zoom registration here.  Find the 9-page white paper "Discussion Guide" here.  In a nice collaborative touch, I noticed the agenda PDF is hosted at, while the Zoom link is hosted at Stanford.

More about MCIT/TCET:

  • CMS hosted a "listening session" on the yet-undefined idea of TCET in mid-February; I summarize it in a short video here.   
  • More recently, I tried to dollarize the value of MCIT, as it was proposed in 2021, and found that with simple assumptions it was highly value-creating, whereas with similar assumptions, Coverage with Evidence Development (CED) was value-destroying - blog and data here.
  • I just turned in galleys for an article covering my views on ways Medicare promotes or blocks innovation, which will appear in the journal Inside Precision Medicine (formerly Clinical Omics) in early April.
CMS March 31

The Duke webinar on March 28 precedes a second CMS-based listening session on TCET on March 31.