Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Very Brief Blog: AMA Launches "CPT Developer Programmer" for Innovators

AMA.   AMA launches a program to help innovators foresee and develop coding for innovative products.  See article on the "CPT Developer Program" at AMA here.  AMA notes it will hold a "developer symposium" in November (I assume November 2022).

See my blog last week on legislation to create a new digital medicine benefit category at Medicare, and notes on recent coding updates in digital medicine at both AMA and CMS HCPCS - here.

Quotes from the AMA CPT announcement - 

The CPT Developer Program facilitates access to the AMA’s expertise, content and resources in medical terminology and coding to those with pioneering ideas at the crucial early stages of product development.

The program is designed to help developers get their innovations in front of the physicians who can use them to help patients. Program participants will have access to a monthly newsletter, quarterly journal and educational webinars on how the CPT code set gets used and why it’s important to innovation.

Here are some other elements of the program.

CPT development licenses. These yearlong licenses allow the developer community royalty-free access to CPT content to build and test innovations in their development stage prior to production.

AMA Intelligent Platform. This central interface allows users to license, access and manage the latest CPT content with modern delivery options including application programming interfaces, web apps and data files.

Developer engagement. Educational and informational opportunities designed to foster collaboration and co-creation with application developers will be offered, including the AMA’s first developer symposium in November.