Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Very Brief Blog: JAMA Addresses Alzheimer Testing in View of Patient EHR Access Laws

One of the outcomes of 21st Century Cures (2016) and other legislation has been increased direct access to patient health records, like lab tests, along with interoperability.

In JAMA Neurology this month, see an op ed speculating how these rules should, or could, play out in Alzheimer's disease, as more accurate tests roll into the market.  "Bringing Alzheimer Disease Testing and Results Disclosure into the 21st Century Cures Act," by Largent & Bradbury, here.

The article has a number of interesting citations, including these:

Schindler & Bateman (2021) Combining blood based biomarkers to predict risk for Alzheimer's disease dementia.  Nature Aging here.

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