Friday, March 4, 2022

AMA CPT Posts May 2022 Chicago Meeting, Posts Lab Tests in Advance

Three times a year, AMA opens a webpage that holds calendars and agendas for its upcoming CPT meeting.  The webpage for the May 12-24, 2022, CPT meeting in Chicago is open.

As usually, the first item to go up is a posting of the Lab CPT submissions for comment and review.   These are posted March 4, and commenters may request to review a packet til March 11, and must turn in comments by March 30 )[per handout].  This allows to be reviewed by internal working groups (MPAG for molecular tests and PCC for lab & pathology stakeholders as a whole).  

All the other non-pathology codes will be posted for comment in a few weeks.

Main web page for Chicago meeting here:

[Note, March 8, morning, as I write this, AMA has opened the registration process, but it's not showing up at this hour yet on the webpage.]   The registration pathway is open and it's set up for either "virtual" or "in person" registration for May 12-14, 2022.    (The meetings are always scheduled Thurs-Saturday but rarely require Saturday.)

Lab tests with new or revised coding proposals include:

  • Actin
  • AQP4 antibodies
  • Gadolinium
  • Cytogenomics/optical genome mapping
  • Hep B quant assay
  • MOG-IG1 (multi code set)
  • MAAA tumor methylation classifier (CNS)
  • Respiratory Patho\ogens (editorial revisions)
  • Tick-borne organisms (code set)
  • MAAA-cfDNA for HPV'