Friday, February 25, 2022

Very Brief Blog: Public Citizen Critiques 21st Century Cures 2022; Dislikes MCIT Provision

MCIT was the 2020 plan to provide Medicare coverage for 4 years for FDA breakthrough devices.  It's been tabled, but CMS is looking at alternative approaches to easier and accelerated coverage, see their town hall February 17 (here).   In the last few weeks, I've started think that MCIT was more brilliant than it seemed, and most of the criticisms would be self-mitigating.  I wrote a blog about the status quo, MCIT, and CED, here.  I opened the possibility that the benefits, including indirect ones such as redirectly investment funds to important breakthrough technologies, may outweigh any issues.

The group PUBLIC CITIZEN has issued an 8-page letter to Nancy Pelosi, listing all the parts of "21st Century Cures" or H.R. 6000, that it doesn't like.   New story here.  Letter online here.  Things it doesn't like include Section 105 for antibiotics innovations (aka Pasteur Act), and Section 404, which would reboot MCIT by legislative action.