Thursday, February 3, 2022

Biden Cancer Moonshot Specifically Calls Out "Multi Cancer Screening Tests"

Plenty of press yesterday on the White House announcement it was rebooting the Cancer Moonshot program with new goals.

White House talking points here.

Genomeweb here.  Seea lso an NCI RFI on this topic here.

The White House talking points particularly call out Multi Cancer Screening, such as Grail, Thrive, Delfi, and others are developing.


  • Federal agencies, led by the NCI, will develop a focused program to expeditiously study and evaluate multicancer detection tests, like we did for COVID-19 diagnostics, which could help detect cancers when there may be more effective treatment options.
  • This may be a bit of a boost for multi cancer screening legislation (e.g. HR 1946, S 1873, press here.)  See also a report from ITI Foundation here.

Also on the side of screening, the President's Cancer Panel released a detailed report on the status quo for US cancer screening on its own website, here:

(Look in the upper right for the button, "Download full report.")  This is an 84-page PDF.  

They also seem to annotate some priority for stool-based FIT-DNA tests (ColoGuard) as an alternative to "colonoscopy first" screening (p. 21).