Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Very Brief Vlog: Using Medicare's Physician & CPT Code Data, A Brief Video

This week, CMS released another year's worth of incredible granular data for how physicians and labs use CPT codes for all Part B patients.  There's 10M lines of data from CY2019.

My blog on the data release - find it here.   Would you like to explore the data yourself?  I've made a simple 5 minute video to help get you started.  Find the video here.

The Data Set in Use:

Who got paid for Category III codes in 2019?  Here.

Who got paid for PLA lab codes in 2019?  Here.

Who got paid for Unlisted Genomics code 81479, and where did it happen, in 2019? Here.

Who got paid for 81408, the "very unusual" and highest-paid lab code in 2019?  Here.