Friday, September 17, 2021

Very Brief Blog: Harvard Course on Molecular Diagnostics in Cancer

This past week, Harvard Medical School and partners ran a four-day course on molecular diagnostics in cancer.   I haven't researched this extensively, but it appears the full syllabi (in numerous powerpoints) are posted, along with a video archive which states it's online for two weeks.

See the home page here:

click to enlarge

Click on each date row to unwind a listing of 8-10 powerpoints in PDF.  

Close to my heart, for example, on the fourth day, is a 20-slide deck by MGH's Dr Jochen Lennerz on reimbursement and regulatory issues.

Lennerz and team have just released an article on insights from COVID policy towards regulation of LDTs in the future (trade press here, article here.)   

Click on the "video library" bar to open a calendar of the video files.  The website remarks, "Access to the Video Library is available for 2 weeks after the end of the conference and will expire at 5:00pm Central on October 1, 2021."


For a 19-page,  2021 review of "clinical cancer genomic profiling," see Chackravarty & Solit, Nat Rev Genet, here.  The authors are at Memorial Sloan Kettering.