Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Very Brief Blog: NYU Launches Master's in Health, Law, Strategy

Twenty years ago, for a master's degree related to healthcare, you largely had the choice of an MPH on the one hand, or an MBA with a healthcare (probably hospital) concentration on the other hand.  NYU has launched an innovative one-year Master's of Science in Health Law and Strategy.


In 2001, when I was doing a night school MBA  Northwestern, they had recently launch an innovative master's in biotechnology which including courses cross-listed with the B-School.  See today's collateral for the NWU program here.  (Similar programs in Boston at Northeastern and at Brandeis.)  Today ASU has a master's program tailored to the diagnostics branch of biotech, here.

NYU, where I was a med school professor 1994-1997, has just launched an innovative approach to a one-year master's degree for healthcare and life sciences. It's called Health Law and Strategy - home page here.  The goal is summed up in a quote from William Bernstein, 

“Healthcare today is like a Rubik's Cube—its aspects seemingly impossible to align. To imagine a future that isn't bound by conflicting financial incentives and regulatory schemes, tomorrow's leaders must not only study the past but master the strategy, law, policy, and technology that will enable them to innovate a different path.”

NYU's Wagner School of Public Affairs is rated #2 nationally for health policy and their law and business schools are also very strong, so they bring a lot of resources to the table.  See more about the interdisciplinary nature of the new program here.

The three semester program is summarized by titles as:

  • Semester 1: Analyzing Health Law, Strategy, and Economics
  • Semester 2: Navigating the Healthcare Landscape: Regulation, Policy, and Financing
  • Semester 3: Leading Technology, Innovation, and Integrated Solutions

Crossreference:  Gilfallin & Berwick's 2021 articles on business strategy, profit methods, and Medicare Advantage.  Follow up at Bloomberg, here.

New Health Policy institute at Stanford. Here.

FTI, a global economics consultancy, launches a new Health Policy vertical for applied economics.  Here.  The website leads to a 21 page capabilities brochure.