Sunday, September 26, 2021

Very Brief Blog: NYT Runs Several Articles on Payer Issues

 Briefly noted - 

  • On September 25, 2021, NYT runs a lead article on COVID test pricing, headline, "How a Law Allows Labs to Charge Any Price."  Here.
    • Many of the issue's in today NYT were in play in the media last summer.  
      • See my July 2021 blog collating articles and links on COVID test pricing, here.
    • For a March 7, 2021, NYT article also on COVID test pricing, here.
    • UPDATE:  After the September 25 NYT article, see also a September 30 article in KHN on "A Covid Test Costs More Than a Tesla."  Here.
  • On the issue of extreme surprise billing, NYT runs an article September 21 on a couple charged $257,000 for infant hospital fees as part of a dispute between the hospital and two insurers.  Here.