Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Very Brief Blog: CMS Releases National 2016 Part B Data

CMS releases three kinds of national Part B data:  First, national utilization for the prior year, typically in November.  Second, utilization by "carrier" (basically, by state) for the prior year, also typically in November.  Third, after an 18 month delay, CMS releases data by CPT code by individual provider by name.  So 2016 data appears in about June 2018.

CMS has released CY2016 national data, here.  I've also put in the cloud, here.  This is a zip file folder with many small files with sequential series of CPT codes and their national utilization and total national spend.   A window into some CY2016 lab data appeared a few weeks ago in an OIG report.  Now you can see all the CY2016 national lab data.   

CMS has set up the webpage for state specific CY2016, but the links don't work yet.  Here.   

For completeness, eventually CY2016 provider specific data will appear here, but not til about June 2018.  I've also summarized the data sources in one blog, here.


The molecular codes from 81162 to 81599 inclusively tally about $479M.   For a breakdown, see my blog entry here