Monday, October 9, 2017

Very Brief Blog: Q3 Digital Health Investment Reports; MEDPAC disses MIPS

Several reports on the digital health industry and investment climate appeared around October 1, along with trade press.

Rock Health Digital Health Report

San Francisco-based Rock Health released its quarterly report for Q3, tallying Q3 funding for digital health at $1.2B, with an annual total of $4.7B, which will push beyond the CY2015 peak of $4.6B in a year.   On the other hand, there were no IPOs logged.   Rock Health defines digital health broadly, for example, including $100M in new funding for 23andMe.

  • Rock Health here.
    • Trade press at Becker's here.   
    • At HIT Consultant, here.  
    • At Healthcare Dive, here.  
    • Another article, "Is Digital health industry failing or flourishing?" here.
    • The online summary is pretty extensive; the full report is $1499.
    • RockHealth also held a digital health conference in SF on October 17-18; see trade journal report here.  Archive agenda here.
  • Separately, the Digital Health Maven Project also issues a Q3 report.  Download this 18 page report with free registration, here.
  • See another report from ENSPEKTOS, archived at SlideShare, here.
Ernst & Young Releases 94-page Annual Medtech Report

Colncident with the fall AdvaMed conference, Ernst & Young released its 2017 annual report on the Medtech industry, here.

More Hate Mail for MIPS and MACRA

Related to digital health are the digital physician metrics and EHR metrics wired into the MIPS quality reporting systems at Medicare, created inside the 2015 MACRA law.   Last week, the influential MedPAC panel joined the voices of many physician organizations in asking that the cumbersome and overly complex MIPS system be scrapped (here, here; CMS website [one of many] here.)    While MIPS is largely structured by recent statute, ending it would fit the administration's goals of reducing burdensome regulation.

MedPAC's fall meeting echoes themes on MIPS in its June 2017 report (here).