Friday, October 13, 2017

Very Brief Blog: AMA Posts Summary of September 2017 Code Decisions

On schedule, about a month after each CPT meeting, AMA has posted results of the AMA CPT September 2017 editorial panel.   Results are here (8 page PDF).

In overview, of about 58 agenda items, about 17 were withdrawn, 9 rejected, and 2 postponed.  Typically, while a code application may be submitted on a 25-page form by any stakeholder, if the corresponding clinical association does not support the code proposal, it is withdrawn rather than brought to discussion for rejection. 

In diagnostics, one proposal was tabled, one withdrawn, while new codes will be created for TGFB1 (in corneal dystrophy), MYD88 (lymphoma), a breast cancer Cat I MAAA, and a prostate cancer Administrative MAAA.  No non-genomic codes were  up.

Separately, in the Proprietary Lab Analyses coding process (PLA),  23 test codes have been created, about 15 of which have already entered this year's CMS crosswalk pricing process.

The next PLA submissions will be January 12 and April 11.  The next CPT submission is November 9, after that March 1.