Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Brief Blog: AMA Considering 60 New PLA Codes This Quarter

Typically, there have been about 20 new proprietary PLA codes created each quarter by AMA CPT.   For the Q2 cycle (April-May-June), there are about 60.  A couple of those are revisions.  My tally of new codes doesn't include the 3 or 4 being deleted.    

AMA is posting the roster for public comment here:


(Look for, "review the PLA agenda").


AMA will have an invitation only April 23 teleconference of the PLA committee to wordsmith and finalize the codes.  Those will then be voted on (usually very quickly) by the AMA CPT committee of the whole in Chicago in May.   

Final codes will be released both for the upcoming CMS summer pricing meetings (June 25, July 25) and posted on the AMA website June 30.