Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Two Links: on Physician Income; on Physician Industry Payments

Two sources appeared almost at the same time, regarding physicians and finances.


Advisory Board issues a detailed report on 2023 physician income levels.

It traces back to a 21-page report at MedScape (registration required):

The report has break-outs by specialty, gender, racial/ethnic group, etc.

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Over at JAMA, see a report by Sayed et al. on industry payments to US physicians by specialty, and product type.  There are also break-outs by company. The highest-dollar drug was Xarelto, the highest device was Da Vinci Surgical System.  This week in Washington Post, former NIH director Francis Collins announced he was having a radical prostatectomy (cancer took off after a period of surveillance) and with the Da Vinci system.

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