Wednesday, April 3, 2024

AI Corner: Chat GPT 4 Offers Local Picture Editing

AI Corner

Header: Chat GPT 4 (the subscription version) has offered image creation since last fall.   Today I see a new feature: You can highlight something in the illustration, and change it locally. [A journalist writes on this topic here.]


Chat GPT 4 (the subscription version) offers DALLE3 image creation.  It can follow instructions ("a black and white film noir image of a man in a city alley") or even work from policy materials ("make an interesting illustration for this new FDA press release.")

Today, I see a new feature, a "highlight" tool that lets you give focused revision instructions.

Here is a picture for a story about a bee in a home office:

I used the higlight tool, highlighting the computer monitor, and asked for it to add software.  It made no changes other than adding software.


I got software, but it looks washed out. 


I asked for bolder screen imagery, like a colorful bar chart.

And I got the on screen bar chart, but this time, it re-painted the whole perspective.


Bonus - bee story.