Tuesday, November 28, 2023

New Alzheimer Codes Dominate Lab Agenda for AMA CPT Feb 2024

Registration is open for the February 1-3, 2024, AMA CPT Editorial Meeting in San Diego.  Registration may be both in person or virtual.  Here.

Lab codes were posted in mid-November for an early comment cycle (request Nov 20[*], comment Dec 4).  All other codes will be posted for comment December 1.

Here's the lab agenda link:


There's a bonanza of codes for Alzheimer's disease.  Note that the codes have "placeholder" codes at this time, which I'm also using here.

  • Amyloid Protein in plasma or CSF (82XX0, 82XX1)
    • 40 and 42
    • Possibly, one code for plasma and one for CSF
    • Usually measured as a pair for calculating the ratio, not the absolute amount
  • Neurofilament light chain, blood (83XX0)
  • Immunoassay Alzheimer Pathology (835XX)
    • This is puzzling, possibly tau isoforms??
  • Tau protein, Total (8X3XX)
  • Tau protein, Phosphorylated (8X3X0)
Some of these tests are represented by PLA codes; the 80,000 series  codes will apply to any user.  The 80,000 series codes do not differentiated FDA and LDT versions.  Different brands or different isoforms may have different clinical accuracy.

There are several other lab codes: 815XX, brain tumor methylation; 8156X, kidney transplant gene expression; 81XX0, fetal recessive conditions (mentions XX28U, a PLA code).


[*] As the agenda PDF indicates, someone wanting to review and comment on the code packetts for lab tests is directed to an AMA software portal [select the tab for Interested Party, not the tab for Applicant].  However, AMA locks out requests after 11/20/23, the lab request deadline.  This early request deadline ensures that any lab comments are available to internal subcommittees like MPAG and PCC.