Monday, July 10, 2023

McKinsey Weighs In: Tackling Healthcare Problems with Generative AI

 On July 10, 2023, McKinsey issues a report on which healthcare problems may make progress with the help of "generative AI."  I've provided the link (email registration might be necessary).  

I also take the liberty of clipping in a ChatGPT summary OF the McKinsey article, below, using the browser plug in "Summarize Everything" from the Chrome store.

See also a current LANCET op ed on AI in cancer care.

I provide my own links to a ChatGPT clinical analysis of a current puzzle case in NEJM here, and a "model" or "mock up" example where ChatGPT uses unstructured clinical notes and extracts data to solve a prior authorization request.  

Summary (ChatGPT)

Generative AI (gen AI) technology, powered by GPT-4, has the potential to transform healthcare operations. It uses deep-learning algorithms to analyze unstructured data sets, such as clinical notes and diagnostic images, to automate administrative tasks and provide clinicians with quick access to relevant information. Gen AI can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance patient care. 

However, integrating gen AI into healthcare systems requires careful consideration of data security, bias mitigation, and regulatory compliance.


πŸ₯ Gen AI technology, enabled by GPT-4, can turn patient interactions into structured notes within seconds, automating the manual and time-consuming process of note-taking for clinicians.

πŸ“Š Gen AI can analyze unstructured healthcare data sets, such as clinical notes and medical charts, to unlock improvement potential and modernize health systems infrastructure.

πŸ’° Gen AI represents a significant opportunity to unlock the unrealized $1 trillion improvement potential in the healthcare industry.

⚕️ Use cases for gen AI in healthcare include administrative and operational tasks, such as streamlining member services, claims processing, and prior authorization.

🏒 Gen AI can enhance corporate functions within hospitals, addressing common employee IT and HR questions and improving efficiency in finance and staffing.

πŸ€– Gen AI has the potential to transform clinical operations by generating discharge summaries, care coordination notes, checklists, and clinical orders in real time.

πŸ”’ Data security, bias mitigation, and regulatory compliance are critical considerations for safe and responsible implementation of gen AI in healthcare.

Note: The facts are extracted from the provided URL.

McKinsey covered AI in Prior Auth in a dedicated article, 4/2022.