Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Brief Blog: AMA Announces Workgroup for 2H2023 - Genomics Coding Updates

AMA CPT has announced an ongoing series of workgroups and webinars which include public participation.   The goal will be to bring coding updates in several areas of genomics to the February 2024 AMA meeting (meaning code submission around November 4, 2023).

The AMA will be regularly updating the project webpage with new meeting calendars and summaries of progress, so follow this over at the AMA website:

AMA foresees 4 issues:

  1. Inherited conditions testing, e.g. from cystic fibrosis to "ashkenazi" screening to expanded carrier screening
  2. Basic codes (e.g. 5 genes) for limited carrier screening
  3. Codes for "pan cancer hereditary panels"
  4. Updates to Lynch sydnrome related coding

There are AMA-named panelists for Topics 1-2 and Topics 3-4, which will be meeting on an ongoing basis and drafting options.   At intervals, each group of panelists will hold a public session, which includes a "listening" interval" and then a "public comment" interval.