Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Very Brief Blog: Is United Healthcare's Policy Listing a Great Source for MolDx Policies?

A few months ago, Xifin published a blog that United Healthcare would begin using MolDx Z-codes (here), presumably through a licensed arrangement.   (United had announced a separate, non-Z-code test registry last summer - here).   I was googling for any updates to the MolDx/UHC relationship, and I hit a number of articles bringing UHC and MolDx together.   (I didn't any updates, besides that Xifin article, on Moldx and UHC).

UHC Provides Long Tables of Hyperlinked MolDx Articles

UHC has a 21-page document and a 52-page document that, in general, provide hotlinked libraries of related MolDx policies, for example, the policies published under separate index numbers by Palmetto, Noridian, WPS, and CGS.   

  • See UHC Genetic Testing here.
  • See UHC Molecular Pathology here.
For example, for blood group molecular typing, the Genetic Testing article gives you a nice row with the Palmetto, Noridian, CGS, and WPS articles on that topic nicely in a row.  (Noridian usually has 2 article numbers, one for CA/HI/NV and one for the Mountain states).  In those cases where there is a related LCD from the non-MolDx MACs, they will also be listed.  

Handy to know, and especially handy the codes are all hyperlinked.

You'll notice some quirks where Noridian has coverage documents on the same topic but they are LCDs in other MolDx MACs and a long "article" with the same text in the Noridian MAC.   (My insight, as far as I have one, here.)