Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Very Very Brief Blog: Google Launches Special Channel for Biomedical Questions

There are two quick ways to research any biomedical topic - type it into Google, or type it into the searchbar at PubMed.

There's a third way now.  Type your question into a special biomedical channel at Google.  Find it here:

Basically, Biomedical Google takes your question not the the internet as a whole but to places like PubMed and PubMed Central.  However, the results are quite different than if you typed the same text directly into a PubMed search.  

See some examples here.  When I asked BiomedExplorer "Role of ROS-1 in lung cancer" I got articles literally about the cell biology and function of ROS-1.  When I typed the same words into the PubMed searchbar, I got a review article about loralatinib, a study of FDG/CT in ROS-1 lung cancer, and an article on new treatments for brain mets in lung cancer.  Interesting to compare.