Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Very Brief Blog: Boyle et al. (2021) Full Protocol for Validation of CGP NGS Assay

This month, CAP Today runs an article on the expansion of NGS services into more and more hospital-based labs (Charna Albert, here).

Coming out at about the same time, see Boyle et al., "Guideline-Adherent Clinical Validation of a Comprehensive 170-Gene DNA/RNA Panel," released 20 May in Frontiers in Genetics.  Find the article here, see also an online supplement with 3 documents.  The assay approach is based on an Illumina 170-gene platform.


In related news, see Fenizia et al., validation of a targeted NGS panel for TMB analysis - new online at J Molec Diagnostics, May 5, here.  (Also Alborelli here).  This approach is based on the Oncomine Tumor Mutational Load (OTML) assay.  For a validation approach for the Oncomine Cancer Panel assay, Lih et al. here.  For a 2020 comparison of fusion detection platforms, Qu et al. here.