Friday, January 15, 2021

Very Brief Blog: CMS Leader Seema Verma Checks Out, Notes Many Agency Accomplishment, Minimizes Reference to "Trump"

On January 15, 2021, CMS Administrator Seema Verma left a long essay on the CMS website, describing the numerous accomplishments and achievements of the agency under her tenure of the past four years.

Notably, Verma makes NO mention of President Trump's name.  The essay is about 5000 words.

Separately, Verma submitted her resignation letter to President Trump, dated January 14.  The three-page letter was also posted on her Twitter account - here:

While the resignation letter necessarily is addressed to President Trump, and thanks him for the chance to lead CMS, I don't believe she mentions his name again. 

I've put both the 13p essay and the 3p resignation letter as PDFs in one cloud zip file here.


Yesterday's Blog Predicts This

I had noted yesterday the abrupt disappearance of endless references to President Trump's leadership and President Trumps vision in CMS press releases and headlines (here).  

A New CMS Press Release Today Also Omits Trump's Name

Today's Verma resignation letter and public essay by Verma downplay Trump's name.  Similarly, a new press release today (on a prior authorization final policy) omits Trump's name entirely, although the original draft policy had been released "under President Trump's Leadership."   Here.)


Note on tone.  In as much as the resignation letter is addressed to the President, the many uses of "we" might be taken to include him, and at the close, she does thank him for "your leadership."  However, the blog essay also uses "we" and "us" throughout, and never mentions the President directly.