Monday, January 18, 2021

Very Brief Blog: HHS Secretary Alex Azar's Resignation Letter

In a previous blog, I linked to (1) CMS Administrator Seema Verma's 3-page resignation letter, as well as (2) a lengthy (5000-word) blog essay she posted at CMS.

HHS Secretary Alex Azar posted his two-age resignation online as well, via Twitter here.   A PDF of the letter is in the cloud here.

Like Verma, Azar thanks Trump for the opportunity to serve.   However, on page 2 he inserts a pointed paragraph that "actions and rhetoric following the election" (not [following January 6] ) threaten to tarnish the historic legacies of the administration.   

For a review of CMS accomplishments under this administration, by Joshua Cohen at Forbes, here.  Includes Medicare Coverage for Innovative Technologies (MCIT).