Thursday, January 14, 2021

After January 6 Disorder, CMS Stops Referring to President Trump's Leadership

During the Trump administration, routine press releases from CMS have headlined with, or opened with, a touting of President Trump's leadership.

For example: in August, the Medicare Coverage for Innovative Technology (MCIT) policy was proposed "under President Trump's leadership" (here).   The leadership quote was raised from the lead, to the headline, when CMS wrote on the same topic in September (here).  

Policies ensuring "swift" vaccination under a "comprehensive plan" were released "under President Trump's leadership" in November (here).  Changes in renal dialysis payment rules that week also came about "under President Trump's leadership" (here).  And so on.

The phrases "under President Trump's leadership" and "President Trump's vision" seem to have vanished now, after the Capitol riots on January 6.   For example, in the press release that finalizes the same MCIT rule which was headlined under President Trump's leadership just this fall, now there is no mention of the word Trump at all - here.

In remarks this week to ABC, HHS Secretary Alex Azar distanced himself by pointedly framing January 6 as, "The rhetoric last week was completely unacceptable."