Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Very Brief Blog: New Guidance on HHS, CMS Renal Transplant Policy

 In 2019, I was very impressed by the coordinated rollout of a Trump speech, executive order, and several initiatives in kidney disease management (see my blog), a project that had been spearheaded in part by Abe Sutton, a McKinsey graduate and White House policymaker who is now in Harvard Law School.

On August 17, HHS rolls out some follow ups.  

  • See August 17 coverage at HealthCareDive here.
  • A memo provides COVID advice for dialysis facilities and urges the restoration of full speed ahead for necessary surgeries like renal transplants.  Here.
  • HHS issues a one year update on the kidney health initiative.  
    • Press release here.
    • Home page at HHS ASPE for the report, here.
    • And the actual PDF report, August 2020, here.  17 pages.
See the original 2019 scheme here.