Thursday, August 20, 2020

Very Brief Blog; Some Links on the "United Healthcare Test Registry"

 Last summer, there was news that United Healthcare was ramping up controls or penalties on doctors who ordered out-of-network test.

This year, the news is that UHC will launch a massive registry where nearly all tests from all in network labs would have to be individually registered.  (Yes, for those familiar with MolDx, it reminds one of Z-codes).   

I've provided some links here.

  • Home page at UHC here.
  • Additional home page at UHC here, includes updates on delays.
    • UHC's preferred lab network page here.  
    • UHC page on out of network benefits (or lack of ) here.
    • Explanation re: UHC from: Labcorp here.
    • UHC two-pager on out of network copays and costs here.
  • June 2020 article at consultancy Vachette Pathology here.
  • August 17 announcement at Xifin about registry delay here.
  • Two deep dive articles at Dark Report, August 2020.
    • Dark Report requires subscription but gives one free view per month.
    • Here and here.

I'm old enough around the lab industry to have seen many cycles of "crackdowns on labs" and "crackdowns on out of network labs" - I mean every 3-4 years for 20 years.   Here is another turn of the wheel.