Sunday, August 16, 2020

Flash: MolDx Announces that DEX (Z Code) System is Part of MolDx

 Over the past month or two, we've heard rumors that Health Futures had divested itself of the DEX (Z Code) staff and software, and it was now owned by MolDx (or Palmetto, or perhaps BCBS South Carolina).

It's official that something has happened.  Today there's a banner at the MolDx website stating:

The DEX (Diagnostics Exchange) and Z-code system was originally developed by McKesson circa 2010/2011/2012, and was adopted by MolDx when MolDx was created around 2012.  McKesson divested some of its operations into an entity, "Change Healthcare" (get it?)  I am inferring that Change Healthcare has sold or given DEX to Palmetto GBA.

At least for now, the DEX exchange is at the same website and at least today, it's still branded as Change Healthcare.   


For a recent interview with the CEO of Change Healthcare, YouTube, here.