Monday, April 23, 2018

Very Brief Blog: Concert Genetics Releases 2018 Report on US Clinical Genomics Industry

Concert Genetics has released one of the best available open access reports on the state of the US clinical genetics industry.   The report is available online here.  Coverage of the new report by Genomeweb's Turna Ray, online here (subscription).

Topics include topline industry size and growth, segmentation both by payment categories (e.g. NIPT) and by types of new tests entering the market, growth of offerings in areas like exome analyses and BRCA panels.  For example, a representative bar chart from page 14 compares recent introduction of new tests by test category (e.g. rare diseases by test count), by where the current payments from payers are actually flowing (e.g. mostly to prenatal and to hereditary cancer.)

The diversity of coding approaches and the "lost information" among silos in the system are discussed.

click to enlarge; Concert 2018, page 14