Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Very Brief Blog: EY Releases 60 Page Report on Life Sciences, Big Data

EY has released a 60-page report on life sciences, capturing value, and big data/digital health. 

Is this real?  When Roche buys Flatiron for $2B - yes.

The EY report is online here and PDF here.

See Q1.2018 reports on digital health investments at RockHealth here [$1.6B], StartUpHealth here [$2.8B].  Trade press at MedCity here, MobiHealth here.    Funding varies with the categorization of companies in genomics; by one tally, Dhealth deals included HeartFlow $240M, Helix $200M, Oscar $100M.   (See my blog on Medicare policy wins for Heartflow, here.)

In March, Bloomberg reported Israel was poised to investment $275M in digital health.

EY Life Science Data White Paper 60pp

See a new April 2018 MedCity article on what pharma has learned from efforts to collaborate with Dhealth, here.