Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Very Brief Blog: AMA Posts Agenda for May 2018 San Antonio CPT Meeting

AMA has setup a webpage for registration and information on the May 17-18-19, 2018, San Antonio CPT meeting, here

Check for updates at AMA, but the initial agenda is here

There are about 40 "tabs" or action items.  One of the reasons for posting these is PUBLIC COMMENT IN ADVANCE.   Stakeholders can request a copy of the full CPT application (about 20 pages) and provide written comments that will be incorporated in the reviewer files.   Pathology runs on an early schedule (request application by March 29, comment by April 3.  This is due to the early cycle of pathology subcommittee meetings.   Comments can still be submitted after this, however.  For other codes, request applications by April 27 and submit comments by May 4.

Quite a few are editorial revisions to existing codes.   Some are quite eclectic (tab 19, transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization.)  A code at tab 33 for "Holistic system therapy" is described in summary as "add a code to report mystical medicine." 

In the lab industry, Tab 29 proposes to cover liver fibrosis MAAA codes from 0001M to a Category I code 815XX.  A new "small dense LDL" test is proposed.  That's a light code list for labs.