Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fifty Shades of Blog

At the one year anniversary of this Discoveries in Health Policy blog, there have been 50 postings.  In a year, there were 17,000 page views (about half are real and about half are search engines).  I was tickled that both Nature and the New York times reached out for quotes recently ( New York Times, here.)

Review of most-popular first year entries, after the break.

In the first year, not corrected time-of-year when they appeared, the most hits landed on:

CMS releases new CLFS #1843
Structured Risk and Uncertainty #1253

Draft (discussion) 21st Century Cures legislation, almost 400 pages long, released on January 27, 2015, opens its first pages with a section requiring FDA to established principles for structured risk/benefit assessments - the topic of my second-most popular blog in 2014.

MOLDX Posts New Guidance Documents #341
FDA Releases LDT Regulation Plan #607
FDA-CDC Forum on LDT Regulation #381

House Committee Hearings on FDA LDT Proposal #194
  (See also my detailed meeting notes, here.)
PAMA Advisory Panel for Lab Tests  #203
Prior Authorization, Medicare, and Obama Budget #192
CCLA Protests CMS Authority for LCDs #244
CT Lung Screening Medcac #277
Online Video Course for Clinical Utility #208
Theranos #176

As the author. to me this is one of the "best," but it comes in under 200 hits:
FDA and LDTs: Guidance or Regulation?  #158

Over the coming months, I suspect one of the biggest-hit posts will be the one that covered the January 2015 MolDX release of a draft LCD covering next generation sequencing in advanced lung cancer (here).     A number of people have asked me of this LCD will apply only in Palmetto states or if it will also be valid for NGS labs in other states.  I'm careful to say I have no idea.  I've had the perception, though, that if getting doctors in line is liking "herding cats," then getting different Medicare jurisdictions in line is like "herding rabid cats."